God at Work Stories
As described in Acts 5:17-20, God's intervention is for all people to know. Invite
God into your life and you will surely experience his love and wonder. Follow up
by joining a bible based church (God tells us to beware of churches that don't
use the bible as their basis) and telling others of your decision so they can learn
through you. Your life will be better and your heart will be free of worry which will
allow you to follow our instruction making your golf game better.

If your life is full of worry, unhappiness, strife and other problems of the world and
you would like to return to a normal, happy life I invite you to read further to see
how God has intervened in other's lives. If you have a God at work story,
remember the
Acts 5:17-20 and tell it! Please send us your story at
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Don't let the enemy steal your joy

Many times I've listened on TV to my brother's pastor from Houston preach about
not letting the enemy steal your joy, but I didn't quite understand until this week.
This week did not go well. One boss cancelled a vacation day that I was really
looking forward to and another boss (I have many bosses) berated my real boss
about something he perceived (at the suggestion of others) I didn't do - even
though I was working on getting it done. Additionally, a merger was just
completed at work so it wasn't really the best time for all my bosses not to be
happy with me. On top of that my wife was really mad at me although the kids and
the dog were still talking to me. Through God's grace I forgave the boss that
cancelled my vacation day but I didn't feel comfortable being around him and I
really wanted to defend myself to the other bosses. By the end of the week I was
in a real rotten mood, had little joy in my life and my thoughts ranged from leaving
my job (before the demotion happened) to my wife divorcing me.

On Friday my wife and I went to a play celebrating 101 years on Broadway in
song. Since the theatre isn't my most wonderful place to go, I wasn't looking
forward to going but figured that some time with the wife would be beneficial. At
the play a wonderful thing happened. During a rendition of a song from the play
movin out, while my toes were tapping and my head bobbin, I wondered why I
didn't feel happiness like this all the time - like I used to. At this time I felt in my
heart the reason. Instead of focusing on God's love for me the love I feel for
others, I let situations get me down and feel depressed - giving into ungodly
emotions. The good thing about it was that I had the power to change this (God
has given all of us a spirit of power, love, discipline and self-control
and with God's help not let those emotions control me anymore. That night I
asked God's help in letting me retain my love and joy know that I'll be able to
project that to others no matter the circumstance. God loves me and protects me
- therefore I'll swallow my pride and not defend myself, protect my territory and
refrain from socializing with my bosses and no matter the situation - with God's
help - I'll let love and joy guide my actions not emotion no matter the
circumstance. It feels good to have my joy back again and it's nice to understand
what Pastor Joel was preaching about.

New Jersey
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