Golf swing instruction and golfing tips emphasizing the mental
and physical aspect of your golf swing that allow your athletic
talents to blossom within your golf swing and golf game

It's no secret that the best Golf moments, like the best life moments, happen when your heart is full and
free of worry and concern. During these times of war, terrorism, down markets and uncertain future for
our children, it's hard to keep your heart free of worry and concern. Click on this link to see how God has
intervened in the lives of others and freed them of the worries of this world. If you have a God at work
story to share, click through and send it to us. After all Acts 5:17-20 tells us that God's intervention is for
all people to know. Is your heart heavy and full of stress? Make your life and your golf game better by
finding a Bible Based church and giving God a try in your life.

Welcome to the golfswingdoctors
Welcome to the first step toward playing better golf. Golfswingdoctors unique approach to golf
instruction provides a comprehensive data base explaining the various causes of a bad golf shot while
also providing multiple corrections to fix the problem. This innovative method of golf instruction not only
gives you the fundamentals of an effective golf swing, but the knowledge of what causes a bad golf
swing, which is all the information needed to analyze your golf swing, make the proper adjustments, and
play better golf.

We at Golfswingdoctors have dedicated ourselves to find a method to improve your golf swing and your
golf game without having to spend a lifetime at the golf range. Instead of relying on muscle memory to
groove a golf swing, we believe that most everyone has the potential to use their mind and body to play
and enjoy better golf. By using the talent and brain power that God has given you, you'll enjoy golf yet
still be able to spend your time with family instead of wasting your valuable time at the range. Now - if
you want to be a scratch golfer with U.S. Amateur or Tour dreams, you'll need to use muscle memory by
hitting 5000 balls a day to get there, but if you want to improve your golf swing and enjoy your golf game
join us and save your time and use your energy to understand the golf swing instead of hitting balls all
the time.

Instead of losing you in drills and buzzwords, we break down the problem and provide the solution in
plain language so you can understand the cause and how to fix it. Also, since you understanding the
cause the fix is easier therefore you'll see results the next time you pick up a golf club.  If you feel you
can play better than you are - click below and see what we can do for you and your golf game.
Also, tips on the golf swing and more!

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