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Relating key areas of the golf swing to things learned in other sports will allow
your golf swing to become more athletic and less robotic. Follow with us and turn
golf from a game to more of an athletic sport.

Stance and set up

Good golf begins with a well balanced set up and foundation. The body should
be balanced with all the weight between the balls of your feet and the heel. This
is known as the ready position and is no different from the position learned for
man to man defense in basketball. In basketball your balanced was centered in
such a way that you were able to move unrestricted in any direction while
reacting to the offensive player. Remember the coach trying to push you over
while in your stance and if he/she succeeded you were not in balance?

Other sports using the ready position were football and baseball. In football we all
were taught to balance our weight in a 3-point stance so not to give away the
type of play and the direction the play went in. In baseball all fielders used the
ready position which allowed the body to react to hit ball.
Set your feet in the ready position before settling in your golf stance.

Your head

In order to strike the ball consistently your must control your head movements.
While it seems somewhat natural to move or cock your head during the golf
swing, by remembering how moving your head caused bad things in others
sports, you'll learn to keep the head still.

Remember the dropped passes and fly balls because our head movement
caused the ball to move up and down while we were running? Remember how
easy catching the ball became once we learned to smooth out our stride?
Remember all the fat fastballs we missed or fouled back because we pulled our
head out and did not follow the ball to impact? Remember the missed open jump
shots and lay-ups caused my moving our head away before the ball left the
hand? Remember the great shots and passes we blew in soccer because we
looked up to see the shot/pass before the ball left the foot. Well, the same thing
happens in golf.

If you don't see the club hit the ball or if you don't strive to keep your head still in
the golf swing, the ball gets topped, shanked or heads off in an unintended
direction. Remember your sports and keep your head down and still through the

Separating Golf from Baseball

Many teaching professionals and publications relate a golf swing to a baseball
swing. While they are similar, a well executed baseball swing could become a
problematic golf swing.

Home Runs versus Control

All of the greatest home run hitters in baseball have one thing in common. No
matter how they start their swing, all of them rotate or snap their hands through
the hitting zone by throwing their top hand over, creating massive bat speed,
which carries the ball long way. While this is a good technique for hitting a
baseball a long way, in golf it can cause those wild pull hooks that feel sooo good
at impact and feel sooo bad when you look up and see the ball heading way left.

The way to obtain better control of your swing is to relax your hands and wrists,
letting them naturally release through the golf ball. The great thing about golf is
that the natural swing rotation will allow your clubhead to rotate through the
hitting zone if you let it. If you physically try to control your swing through the
hitting zone by forcing your wrists to roll over or lock, you will reduce or increase
the natural swing rotation and most likely unintentionally work the ball to the left
or right.

The power in your swing comes from the bottom not the top. Swing easy from the
top concentrating on tempo and a smooth takeaway and let your natural swing
and centripetal force help you to release through the golf ball. Not only will your
golf swing be under control but you'll hitting it farther will less effort!

Controlling the swing

Baseball players have to physically control the bat with their hands and wrists in
order to hit the baseball at the different locations it is pitched to them. While this
is necessary for playing baseball, it is not necessary in golf because the golf ball
stays stationary. Golf is a game of fluid motion. Physically controlling the swing
will not allow you to properly align the clubhead at impact with any consistency.

This misalignment causes slices and/or hooks depending on your timing that
particular day. Relax your wrists and hands in the golf swing, letting them rotate
naturally through the ball at impact. This will take some time to learn, but you'll
eventually hit the ball further and more consistently once you master it.

With all this great golf advice don't forget your spouse and your family. As
advised in
Ephesians 5:22-33 Husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the
church and gave himself up for her....
each one of you also must love his wife as
he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. Treating your family
best of all will pay dividends in life and in golf!

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