Putting Problems
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Problem PA: I consistently miss the putts to the right or left

Possible correction (PA1): Check your position over the ball. Your dominant
eye should be directly over the ball. Being too far away may cause you to reach a
little and push the shot, while being too close to the ball could cause a pulled

Possible correction (PA2): Make sure the putter follows along your intended
line after you strike the ball. This will ensure the ball stays on that line.
Sometimes we are so focused on making the putt we do not finish the stroke.

Possible correction (PA3): Do not follow the ball with your eyes (a.k.a. looking
up) until well after the ball is struck. What has helped me from looking up is
focusing on the spot where the ball was sitting after stroking the ball.

Possible correction (PA4): Be aware of positioning the ball in the same location
in your putting stance. A little forward or behind your normal position may cause
a slight push or pull. Consistency is key to good putting.

Problem PB: I am constantly short or long with the putts.

Possible correction (PB1): If you are not confident you can make the putt, try
to lag the putt within "gimme" range. To do this do not focus on the hole but focus
on a imaginary three foot ring around the hole, with the hole in the center of this
ring, and try to put the putt within the ring. Removing your focus from the hole will
cause you to relax and make a better stroke. As you continue to do this you will
have more confidence in your putting stroke and you will eventually drop a few
one putts.

Possible correction (PB2): Make a smooth stroke through the ball with a
consistent follow through. Sometimes we have a brain melt and hit the ball with a
jabbed stroke which is most times short or a spasmed stroke which is usually
long. Both strokes are caused by a putting stroke which uses too many muscles
to control distance. To fix this, practice a stroke where your wrists are locked and
your follow through is longer than your take away. This type of stroke is more of a
smooth pendulum motion using the big muscles of your shoulders which makes it
easier to control your distance. Remember that in putting, the key word is stroke
not strike.

Problem PC: I am not making the short putts.

Possible correction (PC1): to make your short putts remember to put your
putter "in the hole ". This requires a smooth stroke (no wrists) where your take
away is small and your putter speed consistent. But, after you hit the ball do not
stop the putter until the putter head covers the hole. This helps to ensure your
putts will reach the hole on line. If you read a break in the putt do not worry just
keep the putter moving along your target line until it is hole high.

Possible correction (PC2): Be more aggressive on short putts. Babying the
short putts leaves you open to more miscues like pushing the putt, pulling the
putt, not playing enough break or leaving the putt short. Trust your line and
stroke and be Aggressive! Keep your head down while stroking the ball to the
hole and just focus on listening for the sweet sound of the ball hitting the bottom
of the cup.

Possible correction (PC3): Don't rush the short putts. Handle them like any
other putt. Be consistent with your normal putting routine. Consistency will build
confidence and confidence is the key to great putting!

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best of all will pay dividends in life and in golf!

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