Sand Play
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Greenside Bunker

A typical sand wedge has a flatter and wider bottom than your other irons. Sand
wedges are designed that way to allow the club to "bounce" off the sand instead
of digging into the sand. A well struck greenside bunker shot strikes the sand
behind the ball allowing the sand wedge to bounce and scoop an area of sand
with your ball, throwing the ball towards the target. The following tips will allow you
to execute a well struck greenside bunker shot.

(Normal Lie)

(Buried Lie)

Fairway Bunker    

The most common occurrence for a fairway bunker shot is that you catch too
much sand and the ball falls well short of the intended target. Knowing this and
setting up properly in the bunker can help you to execute a good fairway bunker
shot. Use the following tips to set up properly in a fairway bunker.

Set your feet firmly in the sand to get a good solid foundation, similar to a batter
digging into the batter’s box. Since the sand is soft, this action will place your feet
a little below the ball. Compensate for this by choking down about an inch on the

Select an extra club (i.e., if you normally hit a seven iron the desired distance,
use a six iron) since choking down on the club will cost you a little distance. Also,
by selecting an extra club you won’t have to swing as hard and you’ll gain more
control of your swing. Since you’ll be swinging under control, it’s less likely your
feet will slip.

Address the ball back in your stance about an inch or two more than normal for
the club you are using. The ball may fly a little lower than your normal shot, but
playing the ball a little back in your stance increases your chances of striking the
ball before you strike the sand.

By practicing this method and set up, your fairway bunker shots will become more
routine and less intimidating.

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