Short Game Problems
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HINT: A good short game stroke is similar to a good putting stroke. Lock
the wrists and make a good smooth pendulum stroke. What helps me keep the
wrist out of the swing is a forward press of the hands after set up and before I
start my swing.

PROBLEM SGA: I am hitting behind the ball ("chili dip") or sculling my

POSSIBLE CORRECTION (SGA1): Keep your head still during the swing. Do not
look up until after you make contact. Take several practice strokes with the same
stance and mind set of your regular stroke to gauge your ball striking point. If
your ball striking point is too high or low adjust your swing. Do not hit the ball until
you have taken enough practice strokes in order to feel confident about your
shot without any doubts. Remember to make your stroke smooth, similar to

POSSIBLE CORRECTION (SGA2): Do not try to lift or force the ball into the air.
With a smooth stroke, trust the loft of your club and let it do all the work.

POSSIBLE CORRECTION (SGA3): Choose the proper shot for the given lie. A lie
without grass under it makes it harder to hit a wedge. If you have green to work
with use your 7 or 8 iron to run the ball close. When hitting from a tight lie, a small
divot is acceptable but make sure you still have a follow through. Do not
intentionally let the ground stop your club. The swing should have a nice even
tempo.  Use a smooth take away and a good follow through. Everyone loves to hit
a high sand wedge that falls gently to the green (flop shot), but this is a tough
shot from any lie and if not recently practiced, should only be used as a last

PROBLEM SGB: I do not have consistent distance control (Touch).

POSSIBLE CORRECTION (SGB1): Similar to putting distance control is obtained
by a having a smooth swing. The keys to a smooth swing are; a backswing that is
controlled and a downswing that accelerates through the ball moving to a
predetermined follow through. Deceleration during the swing is the biggest cause
of poor distance control and inconsistency. Work in your backyard to develop a
backswing and a follow through based on the distance you require and your lie.
Remember to maintain your acceleration through the ball, keeping a nice
consistent tempo.

POSSIBLE CORRECTION (SGB2): In an attempt to hit a "touch" shot a lot of
people tend to hold the club in the same place as a regular shot, which is at the
end of the club. Holding the club in this location sometimes creates a sling shot
effect when hitting the ball causing a shot with inconsistent carry and distance.
Try choking down on the club a few inches from the end. Holding the club in this
location will allow you to have better control and feel for the club which will allow
you to be more consistent with the "touch" shots.

A good short game requires plenty of practice in order to develop the rhythm of a
smooth swing and confidence. The best thing about practicing your short game is
that you can do it in the backyard. It should not be too tough on your grass
because this swing does not require a divot. Therefore if practicing in your
backyard creates divots, the consequence of an improper swing is spending
more time with your lawn.

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best of all will pay dividends in life and in golf!

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